Tonight. At 92YTriBeCa. With Emily King

Oh my friends.

Saints, Sinners, and Sweet Children of Original Darkness!

I do hope you’ve kept your calendars clear for tonight.  because this is the night for which we have been waiting quite sometime.  At last — at very long last — Aabaraki is going to have the pleasure of sharing a discrete bill with none other than the immaculate Emily King.  We’re so glad we released a record this year because we’re in good company with people like Emily — who’s EP came out last week — and its an honor to be asked to open for her Record Release …read more

Aabaraki recording with Converse & opening for Emily King

July is not quite even half way over and already so many enormous things have gone down.  After a wonderful record release party where — thanks to the fans — we sold out Rockwood Music Hall.  After we rocked at the house-party to end all house-parties at midnight of the fourth of July in the BK.  And after doing the damn thing at Sullivan hall with the folks from Silverlake to SoHo .  Well, you’d think we’d be ready to take a breather.  Maybe catch some Zs and regroup.

But alas, not this band.  When you’re really hustling, there is NO …read more

Aabaraki goes way up in the air — with

on a hot-ass summer day, we packed a tiny car full of acoustic equipment, braved rush-hour traffic, drove in to midtown Manhattan, paid an exorbitant amount for parking, poured our of said tiny car, hustled into a large building and took the elevator to the top floor. once there, we broke out our instruments, set up in the blazing crepuscular sun and proceeded to serenade the desolate rooftops of the city.

all this at the invitation of our friends over at and for good reason (to promote our show coming up this Friday night at Sullivan Hall (at 11pm) as …read more