Thierry Arpino


Born in Paris, aug, 24, 1961, Thierry Arpino stands atop a family drumming lineage which spans four generations. His father, the renowned Andre Arpino, introduced him to the drums at age of three years old. Thierry’s prodigious gifts flowered through and inspired and mindful process that enabled him to far exceed the ten thousand hour rule of mastery.

A musicians musician, Thierry also studied classical percussion, piano and harmony. He is a graduate of the prestigious St. Maur National Music Academy in France in the summer 1980, Thierry Arpino continued his musical education at Berklee College Of Music in Boston MA, USA where he was invited to study with big band master Herb Pomeroy and master drums teacher Bob Kaufman.

Thierry’s career has been punctuated by stints with such notables as Joe Beck, Larry Coryell, Bill Evans and JeanLuc Ponty to name but a few. (Please refer to Thierry’s resume for a more extensive listing of the great musicians he has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with.) His ability to contribute with astounding authentic and ownership in a variety of musical idioms such as jazz, rock, latin jazz, African rhythm, world beat, funk, R&B and pop are why he remains one of the most sort after drummers of his day.

Although much can be said and understood of Thierry Arpino’s virtuosity, what remains unqualifiable and unquantifiable is the musical liberation and sheer joy he displays in each and every performance.