The Natural Mystics


Art Sky has played with different bands, such as «Work of Art». Indefatigable, he comes back with a new project: The Natural Mystics. A lot of reggae, of course, but also rock music and songs from the Work of Art repertory… all written by Art. As a composer, songs he has written for other artists have appeared on Billboard’s R&B, Pop, and even classical charts. He has written and recorded on many national and international albums, TV and radio commercials. He has also been featured along with his band, on screen in the John Sayles movie «Baby it’s You». The legendary producer and talent scout John Hammond Sr., (the man who discovered Dylan, Springsteen and Aretha Franklin among many others) was so impressed with Art’s music that he signed Art as the first artist on Hammond/CBS Records. Winston ‘Shugs’ Riley (bass) got the name from playing so sweet… Like sugar. He is the best known bass player in Antigua and has played with most of the major Caribbean reggae and soca bands that have passed through Antigua. Patrick ‘Paddymike’ (Drums, Percussion) lives in NY and has played drums for Art for 25 years.


Band Members

Art ‘SKI’ Halperin: Vocals, Guitar
Charlesworth ‘OBADIAH’ Mackett Sebastian: Vocals, Guitar
Patrick ‘PADDYMIKE’ Conlon: Drums, Percussion
Winston ‘SHUGS’ Riley: Bass
Keyboards: Ed ‘Ignatz’ Stein