Darian Cunning Band


Having worked with Stephen Kellogg, David Bottrill (Tool, Peter Gabriel), Kristin Hoffmann, David Gamson (Me’shell N’Degeocello) the singer songwriter has been making his ears bigger and building an audience of colleagues and fans.
Comparisons have been drawn to artists such as Stevie Wonder, Martin Sexton, Sting, and Seal. His influences are far reaching nuevo blues rock jazz folk trance improvisation.
It’s in his music … listen to the songs and you realize that his influences may seem polar, they are in fact undiluted, the resultant mixture is pure and all his own. … the Police, Santana, Bob Marley, and James Taylor were dovetailed with Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers to Ravel and Tchaikovsky …
“Such sweetness and sincerity in a male voice is rare as are the folk songs which frequently cross the line into soul songs…”
“It’s a voice that gives me chills, the best sign in terms of judging a musician’s ability and the most difficult thing to really quantify. ” brita brundage, fairfield weekly
“Cunning uses language to transcend the mundane and make it tantalizing.” terri lagerstedt, fairfield weekly
Patty Larkin once asked him “what kind of music do you play?” after a long pause, she added, “hard to describe?…good.”

Band Members

  • Darian Cunning (Lead Guitar/vocals)
  • Jesse Gibbon (Keys)
  • Drew Mckeon (Drums)
  • Rich Zurkowski (Bass)