Dana & Vlad Project



At the peak of Shanghai’s record heat wave of Summer 2010…after accidentally breaking the only bottle of vodka at a hipster after-party and escaping to a nearby playground to avoid the coming wrath…the universe of a Reggae/Gypsy Jazz guitarist from Versailles, France collides with that of an American Rhythm & Blues singer from Los Angeles, California?

Infectious. Soulful. Bright. The co-writing partnership of Dana SHELLMIRE and Vladimir LEGAY is where joyful African-inspired melodies meet deep urban grooves, conversational lyrics, and freestyle global culture. Where the head is Jazz, the personality is World, and the heart – Classic Soul. Vladimir’s funky country-tinged guitar vocabulary is a perfect match to Dana’s sprightly warm mezzo-soprano voice.

Dana and Vlad were recently commissioned by one of Asia’s most prestigious arts organizations, SHANGHAI REPERTORY THEATER, to compose the music score for its upcoming production of “Drift” by Nick Rongjun Yu – selected to premiere at the world famous EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL in Scotland this summer. This major honor will coincide with the release of their new EP album under the working title “Spinning & Shining” in August 2011, followed by International tour in the fall.

The two have been known to appear live in various configurations: from their typical acoustic duo, to trio incorporating Indian, African and Latin percussion, to a 4-6 piece electric ensemble featuring the talents of Internationally-respected musicians worldwide. Always open to new forms of expression, these two never shy away from chances to innovate and push their creative limits as a team.

Together their magnetic stage chemistry, fusion of diverse backgrounds, and endearing sense of humor are like a blindfold over the eyes of regularity. With performances in Europe, Asia, USA and the Caribbean so far, and Oceania and Africa on the rise, Dana and Vlad continue to come alive as natural and inspired as the modern classic sound that grew organically out of their 2010 World Expo China experience.

Band Member

  • Dana Shellmire (voice)
  • Vladimir Legay (guitar)