In a genre that belongs to such crooners as Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, and Otis Redding, authenticity is a requirement. Over the years, many have imitated and borrowed from these artists, but when you come across the real thing you recognize it instantly. Anduze is a soul artist to the core, no doubt about it. But it’s soul done his way…a modern brand that seems to reflect the diversity of his island upbringing. Growing up on St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands certainly contributed to Anduze’s musical imagination. His myriad of influences is so vast that it leaves critics unable to deem him directly comparable to anyone else, a refreshing antidote for today’s derivative music world. Last year, Anduze collaborated with Austrian producer/DJ, Parov Stelar, who prevails as one of the top artists in the Electro Swing genre. The result is a charming tune called, “This Game”. Using this association as a springboard into the Electronic world, Anduze now has many projects in the works with plans to release throughout the year. Stay tuned!

Band Members

  • Anduze (Vocals)
  • Hubert Wang (Guitar)
  • Michael Hill (Bass)
  • Kim Mc Collum (Drums)
  • Shane Mc Collum (Saxo)